Roots and Wings is a collective of men and women working in the fields of Gender, Human Rights, Democracy and Healthy Living, who share a vision, a mission and a method:




Our sons and daughters grow up in equality with roots and wings
Support the inner harmony and the happiness of all people
Critical accompaniment to get to the bottom of things, to the roots

Roots and Wings 25 years old

"From our hopes, from our experience, from our commitments, from our intentions, from all of this, as if it were a battle-plan, we can speak because we have faced the challenges successfully "(José Martí, "A la raíz")

Formed in Peru, by women and men of different nationalities from the South and the North and from complementary professional backgrounds, our collective celebrated its 25st birthday in January 2015.

In these twenty-one years we have taken many steps, we have walked many paths, we have overcome many challenges. At this point, it is opportune to make public our intentions and purpose, our commitments, our methods and our hopes.


Jorge Basadre, in his presentation of the History of Rights in Peru, among his intentions, commitments and hopes proposes to construct a new Peru – and, we add, a new world – "with roots, but also with wings".

In this undertaking, the Collective has been working, inspired by the Women’s Movement and by the ideas expressed by Marti, Basadre and Saramago:

"Men are angels borne without wings, But this is the most beautiful thing, to be borne without wings and yet to make them grow, We do the same with the brain, and if we can do it with our brains, then we will do it with our wings "
(José Saramago, Memorial del convento)

What “Roots and Wings” works towards and how it works

"The true man goes to the root of things, Radical is no more than this: he who goes to the root of things. Nobody can claim to be Radical if they do not see to the bottom of things. Nor can he call himself a man, if he does not contribute to the security and wellbeing of the rest of mankind. " (José Martí, "A la raíz")

We aspire, just as the Cuban educator and poet who inspired our name and our reason to exist, that our daughters and sons and the adult generations who dare to do so once again, grow up with roots and wings: that is our Vision. And to achieve this we share a human Mission: to support the inner harmony and the happiness of all people; and we adopt and use a Method to get to the bottom of things, to the roots: we give critical accompaniment, to women and men, through multidisciplinary teams.

In this mission to help, we have to confront a major obstacle to the wellbeing of all people: the system of discrimination and of sexual and gender exploitation. This system of discrimination violates all human rights, subverts all democratic relationships undermining liberty, equality and fraternity, lethally wounding the possibilities of a good and harmonious life. Our collective unites men and women to work for the eradication of this system of discrimination and in favour of realizing both the rights and the human potential which this system attempts to destroy. Thus, we make explicit, our task in the name of the Collective:

Roots and Wings is a collective of men and women working in the fields of Gender, Human Rights, Democracy and Healthy Living

Roots and Wings is connected to the Women’s Movement, just as some poets and sociologists go to the root causes underlying appearances, Roots and Wings recognises the radical support of the Women’s Movement:

"We, the women, are really, the lamb that took away the sins of the world. When the day that this is understood comes, it is going to be essential to begin everything anew "(José Saramago, Memorial del convento)

The women and men who founded and who make up Roots and Wings understand, like the sociologist Alain Touraine, that true feminism is "a movement of liberation not of the women, but rather of humankind by the women". The men in the Collective have discovered that one cannot be Radical, nor profoundly human, without being a feminist in one’s heart. And we confirm, the full and continued relevance of the recognition of this, thirty three years ago:

It is thanks to the Women’s Movement that we, the men, have now found the right to express our feelings, To relate to our children, etc. And this, which is initially a cultural defence of these rights, can result in a struggle which is truly political against this world of bosses, assistant bosses and employees, Against this life which demands all and which finally does not serve any other purpose than ‘to make the machine function’ (A. Touraine, en Le Nouvel Observateur 8/1/78)

A key part of the identity of Roots and Wings, indicated both within its practical methodologies and in its Statutes as an Association, is that it is made up by, and works with, men and women, to confront this system of discrimination and of sexual and gender exploitation, and all the damage and disadvantage caused by the system, both within individuals and in the development of their relationships.